6 Aug

Learning to Love Your Tattoo

Many people get tattoos without fully thinking through the implications of having a picture on one’s body forever. They liked the tattoos well enough when they were very young, and now, they have grown weary of them. Tattoos can be removed, but the process is very expensive and painful. A lot of people would prefer to have the tattoos than the scars associated with the tattoo removal. These people are simply going to have to take the opposite strategy of learning how to love the tattoos that they have disavowed.

For one thing, people in that situation should remember all the reasons why they got the tattoos in the first place. Many people get tattoos for the sake of bonding with a peer group, but other people get tattoos for personal reasons. Plenty of tattoos hold deep person significance, and many of them have symbolic value in general and symbolic value for individual people. The individuals who have come to regret getting certain tattoos should try to rediscover the reasons why they got their tattoos in the first place, which can help them recapture their love.

Some tattoos are going to be easier to live with than others, of course. Some people end up getting tattoos announcing their love for another person, and they may or may not fall out of love with that person at some point during the relationship. However, the tattoo will still be there, advertising a love that does not exist. People in that situation should consider the option of having their tattoos modified. This can sometimes allow them to keep the tattoos while still helping them deal with the negative feelings that they have developed about those tattoos.

Tattoos that are located in a very conspicuous place are going to be harder to deal with than those that are located somewhere more discrete. The people who have neck tattoos are going to have to deal with wearing turtlenecks for the rest of their lives unless they get the tattoos removed, which is going to be an especially painful process in that area. The people who have arm tattoos will find it easier to hide them, but they will still have to wear long sleeves to hide them, limiting their options. While people who are going to job interviews are only going to have so many options, in other situations, they should simply wear what they want and embrace their otherness.

People with tattoos actively wanted to look different. They wanted to modify their appearance according to their standards, and not society’s standards. The people who regret that decision should try to recapture those feelings. They can return to the mindset they had when they got their tattoos. Getting the tattoos modified is sometimes going to be easier logistically or emotionally than having them removed altogether. People don’t have to spend the rest of their lives mourning a hasty decision to get a tattoo. Working towards self-acceptance is often going to produce better results.

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