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Thematic Journaling

A personal daily journal does not have to follow any given theme. They allow you to reflect from day to day on any given issue or idea on your mind. However, a thematic journal allows you to specialize your thoughts, or document an interest or hobby with your thoughts and even clippings or information that support this theme.

For example, if you show a pedigree dog, you might like to keep a journal of the shows you have attended, ribbons won and notes about the dog's performance, or information other breeder's give you.

You could easily write about your thoughts on culture or history, and keep a special thematic style journal with only your commentary or ideas about that theme. The sky's the limit when it comes to thematic journaling, in fact many of the types of journals we detail here could be described as thematic, such as gardening or travel, even spiritual or genealogical.




Here are some thoughts to get you started in Thematic Journaling.


- Remember to stay on your theme. It's easy to get sidetracked, however if you want this to be a specific theme, you will have to disapline yourself somewhat to stay on task.


- A journal with a theme has less pressure for daily writing, it can be a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon's work or something that you do when you have the material to work on.


- Keep a folder nearby to add your newspaper clippings, photos, or whatever might inspire you in your efforts. This way if you do not get a chance to work on it as often as you wish, your materials are ready when you are.



May We Suggest.... Resources on Thematic Journaling


The Book of Me 
A Guide to Scrapbooking about Yourself
by Angie Pedersen
Paperback / Apr 2002 / ISBN 1930500084


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Journaling
by Joan R. Neubauer; Kathleen Adams
Paperback / Nov 2000 / ISBN 0028639804


The Love and Power Journal
Workbook for the Fine Art of Living
by Lynn V. Andrews
Paperback / Aug 2001 / ISBN 1561708496


A Wild Country Out in the Garden 
The Spiritual Journals of a Colonial Mexican Nun

by Kathleen A. Myers; Maria; Amanda Powell
Hardcover / Dec 1999 / ISBN 0253335817


Journaling Here and There Now and Then
by Beverly V. Garber
Paperback / May 2004 / ISBN 141841476X

Adventures in Journaling
by Joanna Campbell Slan
Paperback / Feb 2002 / ISBN 1930500092


The Journals of Sylvia Plath
by Sylvia Plath; Ted Hughes
Paperback / May 1998 / ISBN 0385493916


At a Journal Workshop
by Ira Progoff
(Paperback) - Revised Ed. / May 1992 / ISBN 0874776384





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