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Garden Journal

A lot of work goes into your garden, and it's great to be able to have a place to detail your plans, record plant purchases and notes about ideas and dreams for your green space. One of the nice things about a garden journal is being able to look back year after year and see the growth of your plans and dreams in the yard! It's a great place to include plant receipts, or little informational tags from your new acquistions, as well as seed packs and order forms.



 Here are some thoughts to get you started in Garden Journaling.


- A book doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, even a spiral notebook will work. Remember, you might be taking it out into the yard and it could get dirty!


- Photos are great to show your yard in full bloom and you can see how each year following looks!


- Reciepts saved in one place can help you if a plant dies and the nursery has a guarentee on the plant.




May We Suggest.... Resources on Garden Journaling


The New Three-Year Garden Journal 
With Regional Gardening Guides
by Louise Carter; Joanne Seale Lawson; Allen Rokach
Hardcover / June 2003 / ISBN 155591392X


The Lady's Garden Journal
by Susana England
Paperback / June 2002 / ISBN 0705310817


Garden by the Sea 
A Practical Guide and Journal
by Leila Hadley Luce
Hardcover / Feb 2005 / ISBN 0847826511


Bloom Now 
A Garden Journal for Life
by Susan Ruck; Bernard C. Ruck
Hardcover / July 2000 / ISBN 0966293436


From the Garden Deluxe Journal
by Ken Druse
Hardcover / Mar 2003 / ISBN 1400047153


Annie's Garden Journal 
Reflections on Roses, Weeds, Men, and Life
by Annie Spiegelman
Hardcover / Sept 1996 / ISBN 1559723734


Old Farmer's Almanac Perennial Garden Journal
by Old Farmer's Almanac
Calendar / Aug 1999 / ISBN 1571981233


New Country Garden Journal
by Ryland Peters & Small
Hardcover / Aug 2003 / ISBN 1841722359


Garden Days Journal
by Karen Strohbeen; Bill Luchsinger
Hardcover / Mar 2001 / ISBN 1890621226


P. Allen Smith's Garden Home Journal
by P. Allen Smith
Hardcover / Feb 2004 / ISBN 1400051924






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