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Christian Journaling

As you journey through life seeking truth and wisdom, a journal can be your steadfast companion on the road to eternity. Spiritual growth can be a complicated process and capturing your heart's deepest thoughts in a journal allows you to see exactly how you are traveling that road.

A Christian journal can serve many purposes, including a catalog of your own prayers, wisdom and insights you have gleaned from scripture, and even daily encounters with other Christians that serve to help you on your pathway.



Here are some thoughts to get you started in Christian Journaling.


- Your thoughts and prayers can be helpful to write out and see in the written word.


- A study journal of your Bible reading can be an excellent way to record your thoughts and interpretations of what you are learning about.
















 May We Suggest.... Resources on Christian Journaling


God, is This Your Final Answer?
Bible Meditation and Journaling for Life
by M. Duane Rawlins
Paperback / June 2001 / ISBN 192871529X


A Woman's Garden of Prayer Journal
by Sarah O. Maddox; Patti Webb
Hardcover / Apr 2002 / ISBN 0805426078


Adventure Inward 

Christian Growth Through Personal Journal Writing
by Morton Kelsey / Paperback / Sept 1980 / ISBN 0806617969

Daily Riches 
A Gratitude Journal
by Jane Bluestein; Sj Sanchez; S. J. Sanchez
Paperback / June 1998 / ISBN 1558745920


A Walk Between Heaven and Earth 
A Personal Journal on Writing and the Creative Process
by Burghild Nina Holzer
Paperback / May 1994 / ISBN 0517880962

A Garden of Thoughts 
My Affirmation Journal
by Louise L. Hay
Hardcover / Jan 1999 / ISBN 1561706116

Each Day a New Beginning 
A Meditation Book and Journal for Daily Reflection
by Karen Casey
Paperback / May 2001 / ISBN 1568385773

Spiritual Journaling
Recording Your Journey Toward God
by Richard Peace
Paperback / Dec 1999 / ISBN 1576831094

Wake Up Dear, God's Here 
People Worldwide Are Awakening to God Within Through Journaling
by Cynthia Attar
Paperback / Nov 2001 / ISBN 0759644055

Life's Companion 
Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest

by Christina Baldwin; Susan Seddon Boulet
Paperback / Dec 1990 / ISBN 0553352024


My Mother Prayed for Me 
Faith Journaling for African American Women
by Laverne McCain Gill
Hardcover / July 2000 / ISBN 0829813969






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