10 Aug

Photo Booth Ideas for Parties

When you are getting ready to set up for a big party one of the things that you might want to consider including is a photo booth. Photo booths offer the opportunity for a lot of fun things to happen, and they also offer the opportunity for pictures to be taken and memories to be saved for a lifetime. This is why renting a photo booth is so great!


Four Photo Booth Ideas For A Party


1. Have a big box of assorted clothing items ready for your guests to put on for the pictures. Put some crazy items in there, like colorful cowboy hats, silver tiaras, and fake mustaches. Make it fun, and your guests will have a great time dressing up to get their picture taken.


2. Also, you will want to have some big frames ready for the pictures. Buy some pictures frames that don’t have glass in them at your local thrift store, paint them in some bright colors, and set them out for your guests to frame their faces. The frames will add to the fun of getting their pictures taken, and they will add a pop of color to the photos.


3. Buy a whiteboard or chalkboard and have it ready for guests to write a quick message on. Then, they can hold it up as they are getting their picture taken, and the message, whatever it may be, will be saved forever!


4. Another great thing that you can do so that you can make sure that you see all of the pictures that will be taken in your photo booth is to create a hashtag for it. Then, when anyone posts one of the photos that they have taken on social media, you will be able to see it right away.


Many memories will be created when you have a photo booth set up at your party. And, many laughs will be had as people get crazy with the props and their poses, as well. Just set one up and have fun with it, and all of your guests will be sure to have a great time.

29 Jun

Why I Rented a Photo Booth At My Wedding in Boston

Getting married is no easy task. There are so many things that you have to take into consideration. Having the ceremony in my hometown of Boston was also something I had to keep in mind. My wife and I got married in winter, and if you’re from Boston, you know that the winters in Boston are brutal.

This goes back to my point, when you are planning your wedding, there are a lot of details that you need to attend to. When you are choosing just how your wedding will go, there are a lot of decisions that you need to make. You need to decide on the decor that you want to use in the wedding, and you need to decide on the way that you would like the ceremony to go. When you are figuring out all of these details, you should consider adding a photo booth to the reception hall to capture all of those special moments.

A photo booth can accomplish so many things for you. It can allow your guests bond with one another and partake in fun activities to help break the ice. When you have a central place set up you will find that random guests join together to create photos that are fun and different.

You want to have lasting memories of your special day. You want to remember your special day in a fun way. When you have photos constantly being taken, you will be able to capture special moments that you will cherish in years to come. This is actually one of the biggest reasons renting a photo booth will come in handy; you wont feel that you left out any memories from your special day since they were all captured.

So, why did I choose to rent a photo booth for my Wedding? I wanted my guests to have fun, and I knew that I needed to give them something to do during the reception. If you are looking to entertain the guests, then you need to give them some form of entertainment. Its a great option when you are looking to keep your guests busy and happy. When I looked around, all of my guests were having fun playing around with the different featured, and they turned to it whenever they started to feel bored at the reception. I could not thank the folks over at Pose for providing a great experience. (check out this website for more information).

A photo booth can change your wedding and make it into something that is fun. When you have one set up at your wedding, your guests will have entertainment readily available to them. Renting one can be an easy addition to your wedding, and it is one that brings about great results. You will not regret your decision to add one to your wedding reception. In the midst of all of the decisions that need to be made in regard to your wedding, don’t overlook the joy that it can bring about